Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bandwidth Information from ITS

Stretching our Bandwidth

If you’ve noticed occasional slow responses from Tarleton State University’s internet service, there’s a reason. The university is approaching the limits of its bandwidth capacity.

Tarleton has increased its capacity by at least 50 percent annually for the last five years to accommodate the growing number of computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones on campus. Those devices recently have been joined by smart watches, appliances, games and an array of other devices that collect and transfer data — all consuming bandwidth.

In recent months, members of the Tarleton community have been using 90 percent or more of the university’s bandwidth on a regular basis. The start of the Fall semester will compound the issue. Help is on the way, according to Tarleton’s Information Technology Services.

“The university has purchased additional bandwidth that will more than double Tarleton’s current capacity,” said Chief Information Officer Becky Gray. “Additional hardware will also be installed to meet the demand for bandwidth.”

In the meantime, all those using the university’s internet — which includes the Fort Worth, Waco and Midlothian centers as well as the Agriculture Center — may experience slower internet service during peak usage periods. The residence halls are on a separate system and will not be affected.

Key university systems such as Blackboard and Banner (My Gateway and Degree Works) receive priority access to bandwidth, and those systems should see minimal impact.

Stress on Tarleton’s bandwidth is temporary, and members of the ITS team are expected to complete system upgrades over the Fall semester.

*Updates: Guest Pass Printing*

Good Morning, 

       Chris has informed me that for the moment the row of computers near periodicals, which 

are equipped to do guest printing, will not be sending jobs to the printers. If guests are needing 

to print they must use the 2 rows of computers that are near the computer booths. 

He will let us know as soon as he's done working with them. 


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Submitting Meningitis Shot

Hi All,

Chris forwarded the following information to me from ITS:

As the meningitis shot is an Admissions Requirement, students having an issue with submitting their proof to Magnus should call admissions at 254-968-9123. 

Admissions will then send the student a work-around link on a case by case basis. 

There is also a page on the Admissions page of the website to assist them through this process: 

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Monday, August 14, 2017

Digital Sign Issues

Hi All,

I have been working on updating the library's digital signage with a new template provided by the Marketing and Communications Department.

The new template has been causing issues so the sign will probably look like a work in progress until I can work with Marketing and Communications to get it fixed. 

I just wanted to give everyone who may see the sign from the desk a head's up. 

Thanks for your patience,


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Library Website Downtime for New Website Go-Live

Posting this here for student workers who didn't get the email:

The new library website will be launching tomorrow (8/11)! As a part of that process, the library website will be completely unavailable for a short time beginning at 8:30am tomorrow morning. They expect to have the new website up in its place by around 9:15am at the latest, but hopefully it will only take about 15 minutes. I’m expecting it to be quiet around this time, but if you get any complaints, please let the patrons know what is going on. A direct link to the catalog is:, and Discovery is:, in case you need them.

There may still be some broken links after that point, so please let me know if you or a patron finds anything that needs to be fixed and I will get it taken care of.  Also, the Cross Timbers Historic Images website was not moved over as a part of this conversion, so it will still be the old template.

Please let me know if you have any questions. My email is

- Margie

Color Toner

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have changed the black toner on the Color Printer that is located on the main floor.