Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Texans-Guest Network

Hi Reference Team!

We now have a guest wireless network called Texans-Guest which allows our guest users to sign up for an account in order to use our WIFI on their laptop/mobile devices while on campus.

This is what the user should see on their laptop/device.
NOTE: The guest user can not be affiliated with Tarleton or have a Tarleton email address. They must also submit a valid email address and mobile phone number to register for an account.

Once the user has created an account, it is good for 3 days; however, they must sign in every 24 hours for the account to remain active. After the 3 days, they will need to request another guest account.

NOTE: ITS monitors the request but guests may not have immediate access during "odd" hours such as late nights and weekends. Please make sure that the user is aware; they are welcome to use our computers for Internet access via our Guest Pass system if they do not receive an account for the WIFI immediately.

The user will need to open a web browser in order to access this login screen.
 The user will need to select "Request a Guest Account" if they do not have one already.
All of the fields are required in order to submit a request for a Guest Account.

There will be limited access to campus resources through this network; however, the users should have full access to the library databases.

Please report any issues you encounter with database access to Tracy.

Also, please contact Tracy,the Systems Office, or me if you have any questions.



Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Quicktime videos and Blackboard

From the Library Systems Office: 

One of the professors (Dr Brocato) has a number of videos for his students to watch that are done in Quicktime.  The only browser that is working for the videos is Internet Explorer.  The Blackboard Help Desk is aware of the issue and the problem appears to be an issue with how he is embedding them into the site.  This is not a library only issue.

Additionally, once a student gets done with a video and attempts to open the next in the series it appears to hang.  The Help Desk had been advising students to simply log out and back in again to continue.  I’ve checked and discovered that if the students “right clicks” the next video and select open in a new tab that they don’t have to log out…they can in fact get all the videos loaded up in separate tabs so that when they get done with one they can move immediately to the next.  The Help Desk is now passing that on when students call in.

Reminder: Toner and Ream Tracking Sheets

I just wanted to send out a reminder to everyone to please remember to track reams put in printers/copiers and toner put in printers. The ream tracking sheets are in the cabinets with the paper. Remember to initial and date along with number of reams you placed in the printer. If you replace a toner cartridge, there is a toner tracking sheet at each reference desk (main, upper, lower). You can track toner on any of these sheets just designate which printer you put the toner in, so that I know. I have linked the previous blog posts on how to do both of these tasks to help clarify any questions and as always please feel free to ask me in person. Thank you.

Ream Usage Tracking Sheets
Toner Tracking Sheets

My new office is located on the lower level and my new number is Ext: 9496.