Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Toner Tracking Sheets

Good Afternoon,

We have created a new way to track when toner is changed at the different printers. You will find (soon) a Toner Tracking Sheet at the main, upper, and lower level reference desks in a plastic sheet protector. When you replace a cartridge, you need to mark the following on the the tracking sheet:
  • Date
  • Initials
  • Black/White or Color
  • Any notes you want to add about changing the cartridge. For example, replaced cartridge and the printer didn't read read the cartridge as working. Had to check out a second cartridge for replacement.
We are hoping this will help us all know how often cartridges are being changed out and if there have been any issues with cartridges. Remember, if a printer says "low ink", remove the cartridge, shake it, and put the cartridge back in the printer; this will sometimes make the cartridge last longer. Also, remember to check the ink levels before replacing the cartridge. Just because the printer tells you the ink is low doesn't mean it is empty. We want to get as much out of the cartridge as possible. If you are uncertain how to replace a cartridge, please feel free to ask me. I am also creating a guide on how to change toner cartridges, so be looking out for that helpful guide.


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