Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reminder: Toner and Ream Tracking Sheets

I just wanted to send out a reminder to everyone to please remember to track reams put in printers/copiers and toner put in printers. The ream tracking sheets are in the cabinets with the paper. Remember to initial and date along with number of reams you placed in the printer. If you replace a toner cartridge, there is a toner tracking sheet at each reference desk (main, upper, lower). You can track toner on any of these sheets just designate which printer you put the toner in, so that I know. I have linked the previous blog posts on how to do both of these tasks to help clarify any questions and as always please feel free to ask me in person. Thank you.

Ream Usage Tracking Sheets
Toner Tracking Sheets

My new office is located on the lower level and my new number is Ext: 9496.


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