Friday, October 3, 2014

Guest Category Reporting

Going through the guest password stats this month, I've noticed a few discrepancies in how we are categorizing guest patrons in that system. I record those stats and report them, so it's important that we select a category for each user, and that we select the correct category, so we know who is using the system.

Please also make sure that you put in a name for each person you give a password to, otherwise that person is not counted in the stats.

I know the categories can be a little up for interpretation (for example, a parent that is also an alumnus), but I've outlined some definitions below, just so we are all on the same page :)

  • Alumni - People who have graduated from Tarleton.
  • Community - A person from Stephenville or the surrounding areas who is not a Tarleton student, faculty, staff or alumnus.
  • Friend of the Library - a person who is a current member of the Friends of the Dick Smith Library group
  • Future Student - A person who has applied for admission to Tarleton, or has been accepted, but not yet started classes or enrolled.
  • Parent - The parent of a Tarleton student.
  • Student- A Tarleton student, who is otherwise unable to log into the computers. Tarleton students (including those who mainly attend classes at other campuses or online) should not normally need to use the guest system. They should use their NTNET log-ins. However, sometimes students are not in the system for whatever reason, and they can use the guest system. This usually happens at the beginning of the semester, if they haven't yet registered for classes for that semester. Students from other schools should be marked as "TexShare". 
  • TexShare - People from other institutions who are using Tarleton resources. This includes students from other colleges (including Ranger College and Weatherford), high school students, visiting professors and lecturers, etc. Please include the person's instution in the "Note" field.
  • Other Guest - pretty self explanatory, but may cover people from outside the area, etc. Please use sparingly.
Thanks everyone for helping me keep our stats correct and for all you do to help our guest patrons!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I always forget where to put patrons who are visiting from different institutions. :(

  2. Oops. I put a Weatherford student in the Other category this evening. Since guests don't need to show/use their TexShare card to access the computers, I don't make an automatic connection between the two. Will try to remember in the future.