Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Research Ethically & Avoid Plagiarism Resource

At the request of some animal science faculty, Amy and Cathy created  "Research Ethically and Avoid Plagiarism: Choosing, Using, and Citing Sources," which is linked on the library's Research Help page via the Research Ethically heading.
This resource offers links to a variety of external information as outlined below:
  • Meet University Expectations
    • Academic Integrity Expectations (Tarleton Judicial Affairs page)
    • Academic Rules (Tarleton Student Rules page)
  • Learn Usage Restrictions
    • Attribution: It's the Right Thing to Do  (Amanda Pape LOL blog post)
    • Can I Use this Picture?  (The Visual Communication Guy blog post)
    • Fair Use, Public Works, Copyright & the TEACH Act  (Dick Smith Library Fair Use page)
  • Use Sources Appropriately
    • Avoiding Plagiarism
      • Plagiarism: Avoid Academic Theft for Research Success"  (Grammar Bytes! video)
      • Did I Plagiarize?  (The Visual Communication Guy blog post)
      • Types of Plagiarism  (Plagiarism.org page)
    • Incorporating Sources
      • Principles of Paraphrasing  (Harvard Graduate School of Education page)
      • Understanding Citation Styles  (Kevin deLaplante, Critical Thinker Academic video)
    • Crediting Others' Ideas/Info
      • How to Cite Sources: Citing Without Quoting  (Kevin deLaplante, Critical Thinker Academy video)
      • Cite Your Sources: A Brief Guide  (Armacost Library, University of Redlands page)
      • Citing Sources  (Dick Smith Library, Citing Sources page)
  • Assistance & More Information
    • Dick Smith Library: Ask a Librarian, reference desk telephone/email, and homepage
    • University Writing Center: phone number, email, and homepage
  • Check Your Work Carefully checklist

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