Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Computer Identification Sheet

I wanted to share this with everyone, as I was reminded of it this morning. To make things easier when submitting a Systems Work Request, Systems has created a Computer Identification Sheet; this way we don't have to crawl under the desk to find some of the computer numbers or try to explain a location when a number has been picked off the computer. 

You can find this sheet in the back of the planner at the Reference desk. There is a key identifying the location and then a number given to each computer. If you wanted to report one of the cloud stations, that would be 1C and then the number associated with that specific computer on the sheet. I realize this was created a while back, but as we have made some changes as of late, it was easy to forget. If you have any questions, Chris was very helpful in answering mine this morning and I'm sure he would be happy to answer anymore you may have. 


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