Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dr. Tanter's Tech Comm - Blue Bell Assignment

Please refer to the following communications when helping with this assignment. 
Dr. Tanter’s Tech Comm class has an assignment to look for information regarding the Blue Bell recall from a consumer perspective & business/gov perspective (I believe they choose one of those 2 areas). I’ve worked with 2 students so far to look for print articles covering this, however, as you can imagine there’s not going to much in print other than newspapers due to the currency of this (too soon for scholarly articles I’m afraid). I have pulled 3 newspaper issues of Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, & Washington Post with dates in April & September that have an article relating to the withdrawal and reintroduction of the ice cream. I believe they also need info from the Blue Bell website & FDA since they are allowed to use a couple of internet based sources as well.
Anyway, thought I would give you a heads up about the newspaper issues. They are located behind the Periodicals Service Desk with a note to hold them till next week. The assignment is supposedly due this upcoming Sunday but I also was told it was due 10/2 so maybe this is for more than 1 class.
I’ve been a Blue Bell Club member for 10 years.  On their website, they have 10 press releases posted, starting September 1, 2015. 
Don’t know that the news relates to their assignment, but it’s another place to look.

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