Friday, September 4, 2015

When Sending Someone to the Lower Level....

....please, if you told someone a particular item was downstairs, please send them here with a title, call number, and location (a single call number could potentially be in about 20 different places down here (7 different item types in AV, 5 in Curriculum, etc.).

Just now a student came down and said she was told there was a dictionary she could check out down here.  Well yes, we have some children's dictionaries and a few specialty dictionaries (in Limited and the Curriculum Reference collection - so they can't be checked out), but she needed a college-level dictionary for an Accuplacer test she was taking in 15 minutes.

There IS one she could check out in Stacks, but given the time already wasted, I ended up giving her my personal dictionary to use during the test.

So please - help me out downstairs, and when you send a student here, write down the title, call number, and location (AV Collection, Curriculum Collection, Government Documents, etc.) of the item you found for them in the catalog or Discovery.


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