Thursday, October 29, 2015

Child Development Class Assignment

There's a child development class with an assignment to find picture books for preschoolers fitting various categories.  They don't have to check the books out, just list the title and author, and then have a librarian (or someone working at the reference desk) sign the list for them.

I'll be glad to help them while I am here, but I'm leaving a little after 4 PM today and will be out tomorrow, and the assignment is due on Sunday.  It is an online course, so many of the students may be using their local public libraries for this assignment.  I have signed three so far over the past three days.

Here are the categories, and some tips to find each:

Note too that in LibraryThing in the Comments field, I have put Accelerated Reader information when available.  The first number is a reading level.  That's not as important in this case since these books are for preschoolers and can be read aloud, but a level that's *too* high might have content beyond them.  What you do want to look for is "K-3" after the reading level, as that is the interest level for the book.  There is no "preschool" interest level in Accelerated Reader, but K-3 books should work.

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