Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Legal Size Prints

Hi Reference Folks,

There seems to be a couple of assignments that several people have tried to print in the last couple of days that want to be printed on legal-size paper. Specifically, some definitions that are copied from BlackBoard and a TEKs document.

This causes the printers to want to print out of Tray 5, and will keep them from printing anything, unless the job is re-assigned to a different tray. It will also eventually cause the Pharos kiosks to show an "offline" status because they believe the printer is jammed.

In order to get the printer working again, you have to force the printer to print the job out of tray 4. This won't make that job print correctly, but it will allow others to use the printer. The legal-size job will probably print over extra pages and look like it's trying to print in landscape.

The only way to get the legal-size job to print correctly is to go in and actually modify the document before it is printed and change it to a letter size. Hope these tips help! If there are any questions or further problems arise, please don't hesitate to call or email me or Chris.



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