Sunday, April 10, 2016

Children's Lit Author Fair assignment

Students in READ 3301 (children's literature) may be coming in looking for "print" resources for their assigned authors for the "Author Fair" assignment.  Please refer them to the Library Resources section (in the sidebar on the left) of the Blackboard component of the course, and tell them to go to the PowerPoint at the top on "Using Artemis Literary Sources for Author Fair."

Here are the instructions for this assignment:

1. You will select, research, and present on an author of your choice. [They have been assigned.]

2. You will read a minimum of 5 novels by your author. You may only use ONE book from each series. [We have at least five novels - or chapter books for nonfiction - for nearly all authors on the list.]

3. You will need a minimum of three sources of information on your author. You may use the author's official website or official publisher's website as one source. The other two must be print sources, the author's autobiography or a biography if possible. [The sources in Artemis count as print sources.  We do have autobiographies for some of the authors; they should come up in a catalog search for the author by the author's name.]

4. Your presentation will include [and the PowerPoint I refer to addresses nearly all of these]:
a. Biographical information
b. Picture
c. A minimum of 5 quotes by the author (These are not quotes taken from the author's books)
d. Major theme or message of the body of work
e. Awards and/or honors received
f. A discussion of 5 novels you read including summary of book, evaluation of the book with recommendation, major theme, and 3-D Reading Response product.
g. Copies of the novels
h. A list of a maximum of 50 of your author's books.
i. A reference page of the resources you used to gather your information.

Please give them my e-mail ( or tell them to message me in Blackboard if they need more help.

Thanks!  Amanda

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