Thursday, September 1, 2016

Biology First Year Seminar Library Assignment

Hi Reference Team!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up about a Biology FYS assignment that Dr. Nelson assigned his students due September 12-17th :

The assignment is asking students to write in a call # for journal titles. Amy provided a list of all current periodicals in the library with the call number for the reference desk but we need to show the students how to use the Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory database to look up the first portion of the Library of Congress call number. It’s right below the title info. Amy also provided a brochure which highlights some of the Biology perodicals that we have access to. Please take some time to review the items so that you are familar with them.

Also, he wants students to find hard copy journals and scan an article from the journal. The students can use the photo copiers or the scanner to do this. The students can perform an Advanced Search in our catalog and limit type to Journals and Location to Periodicals to get a list of our print in-house journals (note: some of the results may actually be located offsite so if you cannot find a journal, it's most likely offsite; Amy is working to update this). Students may also browse the periodicals shelves on their own.

The original assignment will be revised based on Cathy's converation with Dr. Neslon about our resources but I will print the current version of the assignment and keep a copy at the desk for you to review.

Please see me if you have any questions about this assignment.



Update to the assignment (added today, September 1st):

Modification of Biology 1100 Library Assignment:

1.      Our periodicals in the library are organized in alphabetical order by title and do not use call numbers.  If you needed those numbers to order something from another library, they can be found in World Cat or Ulrich’s databases.  Since you do not need them for the Tarleton library to find materials, do not provide call numbers for your three biology-related journals.
2.       The library has older journal articles stored and it takes them 0.5-1 day to provide you access to those articles.  On number 4 of the assignment, use 2005 for the year, you were born.

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