Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Computers at the Lower and Main Reference Desks

Chris has finished putting out the new computers at the Lower and Main reference desks. He is working on the Upper information desk computer now, and expects it to be ready tomorrow.

Since they are new computers, they do not have the staff printers on them. The patron printers are there because of Pharos, but if you need to print to a staff printer (the Xerox in the admin office, etc.), we will need to add them to each person's profile individually. Tracy, Chris and I can all do this, so please let one of us know if you need this done. You can also submit a work request and one of us will take it from there :) You will need to be logged on to the computer for us to install the printer.

As mentioned at staff meeting, these computers have an identical image to the patron computers. So, they have the same software and menu structure, which should aid in helping patrons find things on the computers. We've also added Sirsi and the Pharos client. The computers do not have Outlook, however, so you will have to use the online Outlook at


  1. I just spoke to Chris and there is one small correction - Outlook is actually on all 3 computers! Also, all of the reference desk computers are now done.

  2. Also, if you know how to add the printers, feel free to do it yourself. We are happy to do it for anyone who wants us to, though.

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