Sunday, February 12, 2017

Missing item?

I just had a student looking for this item: Backyard production of meat rabbits in Texas. Fortunately I knew where the Texas Document Collection was (lower level) because Cathy told me about it a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that particular item, even though the catalog says it is here. I also checked the Z range on the upper level in case it had been mistakenly placed there, but didn't find it.

I was able to find some other books that satisfied the student's needs. However, I thought I should spread the word in case you have a student looking for it or if anyone has ideas about where it might be.


  1. On Monday, I will pull this book (I have some ideas of where it is) along with a few other frequently-used books in the TxDoc collection, and will send them up to Melissa to be re-cataloged in LC. The goal is to ultimately get rid of the remaining few items in TxDocs by moving the ones that are actually getting used to the General Stacks, where they will also be more browse-able. I will just be moving this project up on my priority list.

  2. A follow-up: This item was exactly where it was supposed to be. To me, though, that's just further indication that we need to get rid of the last bit of stuff in SuDocs and re-catalog it in LC. I went through this last shelf of TxDocs today and there are only eight items that will be moved to the Stacks. One is currently checked out, but once it is returned, Melissa will do the work. Until then, those items will stay on the current GovDocs shelf, which is in the Curriculum Collection below the circulating Grassburrs. Three other items will be moved to the Local History collection, and one to the Professional collection. As I write this, the remaining government documents are being withdrawn, so this print collection will no longer exist by the end of the semester. (Sorry, got something wrong in the original comment.)

  3. Well, I'm glad you found it. I spent a good deal of time looking for it, and I even found call numbers before and after that particular item but didn't see the item itself. I guess I just overlooked it.