Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Printing PDFs Update

Hi Reference Team!

Margie asked me to pass on the following update about the PDFs not printing correctly using Firefox:

Printing from Firefox, both PDFs and web pages is currently not working. It gives an error message and prints a blank page instead of the document.  If the student gets an error message when they print, tell them not to accept the charge through the Pharos pop-up. This will prevent them from being charged for the blank page print. This is a widespread issue with the latest Firefox update, and is not unique to us. Firefox is going to push a fix for this bug in the March 7th update, but in the meantime students are not able to print from Firefox. The best work around is to have the student open the document in another browser and print from there, or save the PDF to their T: drive and print using Adobe Acrobat. 

Please let Margie or me know if you have any questions!



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