Monday, April 24, 2017

Movie Maker Tips

There is apparently an assignment going around that requires students to use Movie Maker. This software is on all our patron machines, and below are some tips on using Movie Maker that should get them started. I'm always happy to help patrons with Movie Maker, if these tips aren't enough to solve their problem. If they need more assistance, and I'm unavailable, they really need to ask their professor for further assistance.

Here are some tips for assisting patrons with Movie Maker:

1) Movie Maker is not an appropriate software for viewing video clips. Windows Media Player or VLC media player are better choices.
2) To add clips or photos to a Movie Maker project, you use the "Add videos and photos" button on the ribbon.
3) Images must be in a photo format, such as .jpg or .png. You cannot put images directly from a word document or PDF into Movie Maker. They need to be saved individually as pictures first.
4) All clips and videos the patron wants to use in the project should be saved into their T: drive or onto a flash drive, as patrons are unable access the C: drive.
5) When the patron is done, to get their movie into a format that is usable by YouTube or other streaming video sites, they need to go to File - Save Movie and select the format they want to use. I've found that the YouTube settings are usually good for general use.

These tips can also be found on the staff wiki at:

- Margie

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