Thursday, September 25, 2014

APA Assignment - Concepts of Professional Nursing

I thought I'd forewarn everyone about an assignment I helped some students with. It's an APA assignment. The students are asked to provide a title page and a reference list (that's all). They are given a link to a pdf that has scans of books, articles, & webpages. They have to cite those sources.
If they print the pages, they need to keep them in order because the books have scans of the title page and the publication page. They also have to use a program given to them by the professor to accurately cite the sources.

Concepts to Professional Nursing 2355
Megan Miller, RN
Part of the Pre-Nursing Program


  1. Thank you for the info, Crystal. Do you remember the program they used?

  2. They just briefly showed me what program looked like. I know they showed Trudy, as well. They begin by selecting what source type it is. Ex: journal with group authors, website with single author