Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to check ink and paper levels from a computer

After you Login to a computer, choose a browser and key in one of the following:

  • lib_main_p01  
  • lib_main_p02  
  • lib_main_color
  • lib_upper_p01
  • lib_lower_p01
 Lib_main_p01 is located in the copy area and Lib_main_p02 is located in Periodicals.

The above picture shows what you will see once you have chosen which printer to check, it shows ink levels and paper tray levels. Sometimes you will have to include http:// in front of the the printer name/location. This is just a quick overview, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!


  1. Thanks Crystal, this is so helpful! I have a student worker (Katelin) here from 3 to 5 PM each day. I will make it part of her routine to go around and check the paper in ALL printers and copiers before she leaves each day. Will need to train her and won't be able to do that until Friday, so this will start next week. However, everyone still needs to monitor the paper even during that time period, just in case Katelin is out that day.

    Also - I think Tray 1 is supposed to be empty in all the printers (at least all the black-and-white ones) as that is the bypass tray - correct?

  2. I typically only check Trays 2, 3, & 4. I didn't know you could put paper in Tray 1. That's just how I was trained to do it.

  3. Please don't put paper into Tray 1 - that is the bypass tray and it should not be used.