Thursday, September 18, 2014

Printer Usage WAY WAY UP

Hello Reference Desk Team...

I wanted to let you all know that printing seems to be at an all time high! The past 2 mornings I've checked out 35 reams of paper. That's a lot! Now that I'm back on early mornings, I'll need some assistance checking the paper in the printers in the evening, especially with this high volume usage. I check the cabinets and printers every morning to fill with paper, so just filling the printers in the evenings (after 3:30pm when I leave) will be extremely helpful. Don't forget to log when you put reams in the printers, please.

Also, for now the Periodicals printer bottom tray can only hold 2 reams of paper, it seems to get jammed if there is anymore than that.

Thanks for all of the help to keep the library running smoothly, especially the printing!


  1. For the time being please do not put paper in the lower tray of the Periodicals Printer. Chris will be changing it out soon and then it should be able to hold more paper. Also, the paper that is not in reams in the Periodicals cabinet has already been checked out, so please use that paper to fill the printer first. Thank you.

  2. The tray has been fixed. You should not put more that five (5) reams of paper in 4 tray of any of the printers. It gets too heavy and causes them to break.