Monday, October 20, 2014

Books at Grant Building

  The following books are marked as display in the catalog and they are located in the Grant Building. If someone requests one, please let me know and I will happily go get it for them.

     PS266 .T4 P55 1998  ~State of Mind: Texas Literature and Culture~  Tom Pilkington
     PS374 .W6 C48 2006  ~Chick lit: the new woman’s fiction~  Mallory Young
     F394 .F7 S35 1985  ~Where the West Begins, Fort Worth and Tarrant County~ Janet Schmelzer
     HD7304 .S2 Z44 1983  ~Alazon-Apache Courts~ Donald Zelman
     HV6793 .T4 B35 2001  ~A gangster tour of Texas~  T. Lindsay Baker

     PR2007 .K4 Z68 2013  ~Perilous Passage~ Julie Chappell

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