Monday, October 20, 2014

Display Books Locations

Now that we have several prime locations for new books and displays, we have come up with a plan to easily locate items marked display. Current location of the books will be marked "display". It will show display when you do a catalog search or discovery search. To know where the books are actually located, you'll need to check Sirsi and the ITEMCAT3. These are the following locations:

  • DREF - reference desk
  • DCASE - display case
  • DLOUNGE - book case in lounge area
  • DPERMANENT - permanent display of 1902 books in limited
We realize that not everyone has access to Sirsi, but you can go to Circulation and find out on Sirsi from there. Here is an example of what Sirsi will look like:

The 1902 books are a special circumstance. They cannot circulate and they are in display cases down in the limited room, so they show as REF-BOOK, LIMITED, & DPERMANENT. These will be the only books on DPERMANENT. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. or *1896. 

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