Thursday, February 12, 2015

History 1301 Assignment

I helped a student with an assignment today and thought it was worth sharing as there was some difficulty locating the database she needed because of the teacher's wording of the assignment and where the actual database is located.

You'll need to go to the database list and actually scroll down to N-O. American Historical Newspaper is listed next to the word newspaper. From there, the rest of the assignment is very easy to show the students what to do.

The student was confused for 2 reasons on this one. 1) Next to Revolutionary War Archives (RWA)on the database list it states "select from top pull down box". She didn't understand what that meant and the pull down box was. It just means you need to click on Revolutionary War Archives and when it opens at the top you select Revolutionary War Archives from the pull down box at the top of the page. When it first opens, it says African American Archives. 2) The assignment states "to find the relevant pension application..". The student wasn't sure what relevant meant in this sense. After selecting RWA, you will click on Revolutionary War Pensions that is located to the bottom left of the page under Records from the War. You are then able to key in a name and select a state for that person. The search will bring up records that will tell you if it is a pension application.

I hope this is helpful. If some of my directions don't make sense, please email/call me and I will gladly clarify. Thank you.