Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nursing 4410 Assignment (Nursing Leadership/Management)

Hi Reference Team!

Cathy mentioned in Librarian's Meeting that a nursing assignment is circulating this semester which involves mulitple parts.

Here is her advice for helping students with this assignment (they may ask for her but if she's unavailable try to assist them with the assignment):

First: Talk with student about the topic (which focus? which aspect? definitions of terms?)

Second: Task = Evidence-based research regarding a particular management opportunity observed in a clinical setting.  Will need to present synopsis of the setting, problem, personnel involved, etc. Identify possible solutions from the published research, evaluate the solutions using decision-making tools (in their textbook), pick preferred solution & discuss change strategies required to implement solution (see their textbook).
  • Example topics: 

    • Topics = Decrease Code Blue Occurrences in Med/Surg

      • Code Blue = cardiac/respiratory (complications, emergency, critical incident, etc.)
      • Med/Surg = medical surgical (after surgery, step-down unit, perioperative, ambulatory surgery, etc.)
      • Possible first round of searches.  The following is based on the student's preferences.  Each student will be different.
                   surgery                  (maybe choose title field later)
        AND   cardiac arrest         (used to narrow the search)
        NOT   "cardiac surgery"   (added 'cause didn't want to look at this set of patients)
      • Possible second round of searches.  Based on what student saw the first go-round.
             AND    cardiac arrest
             AND    prevent* OR predict*
             NOT    "cardiac surgery" 
    • Healthcare Quality's Impact on Costs

      • Determine with student which costs are being examined: patients? insurance providers? medical provider?  It's probably the last one, but could go to any group.  Depends on what the student wants to do.
      • Be sure the student understands to go to reputable sources & to the original sources like Medicare, Census, etc. & help student locate research articles.
      • Ask student which aspect of health costs he/she plans to use as focus.
      • Possible search terms when looking for possible management solutions related to decreasing costs associated with readmissions.  Each student will be different.
                         readmission* OR readmit* OR rehospital*
             AND    management
             AND    hospital* OR medical OR nurs*
    • Closed Staffing in Medical Surgical Units (benefits/effects)

      • Possible search terms
        AND  closed staffing OR closed-unit OR "closed unit"
      • student will need to define the PICO based on teacher's guidance
    • Decrease Readmissions -- cost an aspect (maybe facilities, maybe patient)

      • Possible search terms to begin looking for articles
                  readmission* OR readmit* OR rehospital*
        AND  management
        AND   hospital* OR medical OR nurs*

Please let Cathy or me know if you have any questions!



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